Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds Supplier Singapore

Singapore’s tropical climate wavers between two extremes – excruciatingly bright and sunny or unbearably wet and windy. While conventional blinds might be sufficient to keep out the blinding sun, they do little to stem the tide of relentless rain spraying water on every piece of furniture stored in an outdoor area.

Are you weary of having to endure soaking wet furniture on the veranda every time it rains? Have you had enough of slippery floors on the terrace after every drizzle? Are you frustrated by the need to wait for the seemingly interminable downpour to cease before you can use the patio? Take it from our experts: typical blinds tend not to be able to prevent wet weather from ruining the contents of your outdoor areas. To truly shield your outdoor areas from being drenched by the wet and stormy weather of our tropical nation, we recommend a trusty set of zip blinds – your best defence against unforgiving torrential rains.

In addition to an extensive selection of conventional blinds, as Singapore’s premium supplier of window dressings we at Harmony Furnishings are more than eager to offer our valued customers the opportunity to purchase a set of extremely robust, highly durable zip blinds. Attempting to shield your exterior from an onslaught of furious rain used to mean securing all manner of ugly impermeable covers and unattractive canvases onto your windows. Nowadays, advancements in the field of fabrics have created the ultimate combination of form and fashion – zip blinds which manage to retain their functionality and utility whilst blending in to the aesthetics of your interior design.

Zip Blinds Singapore Working Principle 

Zip blinds work on the principle of security. As its name suggests, its zips allow these blinds to be firmly secured to one’s windows, all but eliminating the possibility that your blinds might be ripped off and flapping around in the wake of particularly strong gusts of wind. In addition to being affixed onto your windows, these zip blinds are strong enough to withstand the weather.

The installation of zip blinds is a practical necessity if there are areas in your home or workplace such as balconies, terraces, exposed corridors, outdoor patios and other architectural structures vulnerable to the elements. This is because zip blinds serve to shelter the furniture and surface areas in those exposed zones from bad weather, preventing water damage and inconvenience. The practical distinction between an outdoor blind and a zip blind would be the zips which guarantee that your blinds won’t flutter or flap in the breeze.

The need to shelter these areas should be evident; by installing a zip blind to keep out the storm, clients are able to manage and minimize safety risks. For instance, the chances of someone slipping and injuring themselves on a wet floor after every rainstorm are greatly reduced if you were to put a zip blind up. Furthermore, damp or moist furniture tends to be a hotbed for the development of bacteria, mould or mildew, which could create hygiene risks when folks are exposed to them. By sheltering your furniture with zip lines, your furniture would be kept dry, minimizing the risk of toxic growths.

Additionally, in the interest of optimal utilization of resources, the installation of zip blinds are a must. By protecting previously exposed areas from the tropical weather, zip blinds enable you to use the space sheltered by it all the time, rain or shine.

If you’re confused as to which one of Harmony Furnishing’s generous array of blinds best complements your decor, ask your interior designer which of our fashionable outdoor blinds suits your room or workplace.