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Tired of having your balcony furniture drenched after every torrential downpour? Sick of having to mop up the rain in the corridor whenever the rain gets heavy? As anyone who has tried to use a conventional set of roller blinds to block out the rain will tell you, ordinary blinds are woefully inadequate in the face of wet weather. To truly protect your interiors from being soaked or ruined by the rain and winds of tropical Singapore, you have to use a set of outdoor blinds to keep out the elements. As Singapore’s premium sellers of window furnishings, we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase these outdoor blinds for your home or professional settings.

Why Choose Outdoor Blinds? 

Protects the furniture from bad weather 

Harmony Furnishings affords its clients the opportunity to purchase a wide array of blinds, including the ever-resilient, ever-sturdy outdoor blind. Outdoor blinds function much like a standard roller blind, in that it typically comprises of a piece of drapery rolled around a cylindrical bar fitted onto the top of your window frame. The outdoor blind operates on the same principle as a roller blind, meaning that you only have to pull a cord to roll down the fabric from the top of your window frame. The key difference between the outdoor blind and a pedestrian roller blind is the nature of the fabric used – outdoor blinds are strong enough to withstand the stresses of wind and are waterproof so as to stave off the seemingly relentless assault of rain during the monsoon season or during particularly heavy rainstorms. While maintaining the minimalistic appearance of a roller band, these outdoor blinds serve not only as a necessity for homes and workplaces with balconies, terraces, exposed corridors, outdoor patios and other architectural structures vulnerable to the elements.

Convenient And Easy To Maintain 

While outdoor blinds conventionally comprised of unappealing tarps or tacky waterproof sheets, dazzling developments in material science have allowed designers to create sturdy, element-resistant fabrics which sports an air of fashionable modernity while remaining entirely practical and functional. Installing an outdoor blind in your home or workplace environments serves to protect the furniture in those exposed areas from bad weather. It also minimizes safety risks as the floor the exposed area would not be wet after every storm, reducing the chances of someone slipping and injuring themselves. In addition, the installation of outdoor blinds allows the covered area to be utilized regardless of the weather, allowing for optimal usage of your workspace or home. It hence makes economic sense for outdoor blinds to be installed.

If you worry about blocking out the view from your window, fear not – outdoor blinds come in various degrees of design and opacity. You could still enjoy the light and view of your surroundings by purchasing an outdoor blind which is perforated, allowing you to control the degree of light entering your corridor.

Like roller blinds, outdoor blinds are convenient and easy to maintain by virtue of their simplistic structure. Having a single piece of fabric to clean means that instead of having to wipe down multiple rows of blinds, you simply have to uphold the cleanliness of one singular sheet of fabric in comparison to the intricacy of other blinds. To meet the demands of hectic working life, and ease the burdens of exhausted homemakers, Harmony Furnishing’s outdoor blinds are designed to enable efficient and easy upkeep. This makes them an amazing option to furnish your balconies and alcoves with.

If you’re confused as to which one of Harmony Furnishing’s generous array of blinds best complements your decor, ask your interior designer which of our fashionable outdoor blinds suits your room or workplace.