Why Us

Architect Plans

Together, we source for solutions to make their design and ideas becomes a reality.

Interior Design Plans

It means much more than make a pretty house — together, we turn it into a harmonious haven that’s uniquely yours.

Product Consultation

We envision ourselves developing expertly designed, meticulously carried out products that encourage awe with their beauty and artistry.


The ability to combine with technologies, we ensure our products provide a complete solutions with functions and benefits that assist you to achieve the finest gain.


We are concerned with ensuring that products reaches the target customers in the most direct and cost-efficient manner.


Providing the best product is not good enough, our service to you is what matters.

The Beauty Of Craftsmanship

From homes to offices to restaurants or event venues, every interior location needs the perfect curtain or blind to cement and accentuate the atmosphere and character of the room, and we’re just the company to do it for you.

Harmony Furnishing

Here at Harmony Furnishings, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with an amazing yet affordable array of some of the best curtains and blinds in Singapore.

Our team of professionals are highly adept at catering to your window furnishing needs, offering clients services which are respected and renowned for their reliability and reasonable rates.

We’ll work with clients to help develop the interior design they dream of building through the installation of effective yet stylish window furnishings.

Specializing in both traditional and contemporary types of curtains and blinds, Harmony Furnishings offers its customers a diverse range of furnishings ranging from Venetian blinds that lend themselves to a classy aesthetic to roller blinds which serve to augment a modern, professional interior. 


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