Roller Blinds

Harmony Furnishing – The Roller Blind Expert in Singapore

If you’re tired of having to squint the sun out of your eyes on weekend mornings or while peering over papers at work, perhaps you might value having the ability to draw a sheet of fabric over your window using the latest in drapery design. Why not try heading down to one of Singapore’s premium sellers of window furnishings to purchase roller blinds for your home or professional settings?

Harmony Furnishings offers its clients a wide variety of blinds, one of which is the contemporary and simplistic roller blind. Roller blinds comprise of a piece of drapery rolled around a cylindrical bar fitted onto the top of your window frame. To operate the roller blind, you only have to pull a cord to roll down the fabric from the top of your window frame. Due to its minimalistic, understated appearance roller bands have become popular in professional settings and no-frills living spaces.

Why Choose Roller Blinds?

Contemporary Design

The contemporary design of roller blinds instantly lends a modern, stylish air to one’s environment. Installing a roller blind in your home or workplace serves to emphasize the sleek décor of the room, allowing clients and visitors alike to be impressed by your choice of window furnishing. Roller blinds are especially popular in places where people value their privacy, because once a roller blind with is rolled down a window, the interior of the room is completely obscured from everybody outside. Consequently, roller blinds have been used to adorn the windows of utility areas, discrete meeting rooms in offices and windows which other tenants can see into. While other blinds serve to adequately preserve your privacy, roller blinds guarantee that the only people privy to what happens in your home or workplace are the people who reside within its walls.

Convenient and Easy to Maintain

In addition, roller blinds are convenient and simple to maintain due to their basic structure. Having a single piece of fabric to clean means that instead of having to wipe down multiple rows of blinds, you simply have to uphold the cleanliness of one singular sheet in comparison to the intricacy of other blinds. Why clean every other crack and crevice when you can maintain a sole piece of cloth with a fraction of the time spent and effort expended on other blinds? For busy working professionals looking for blinds that can be cleaned efficiently and homemakers who wish to purchase fittings which enable easy upkeep, roller blinds are a fantastic option to furnish their respective offices and homes with.

Effective in Blocking Out Light

Roller blinds can be employed on their own or in conjunction with other forms of window dressing, such as Harmony Furnishing’s selection of complementary curtains. In fact, if you prefer your curtains to serve a purely decorative purpose, roller blinds could alternatively be utilized to block out the sunlight so as to prevent the room’s temperature from rising or your furnishings from fading. Because roller blinds comprise of a single largely opaque fabric, when you pull it down over the window roller blinds are extremely effective in blocking out light. This allows the room to be immersed in darkness regardless of the time of the day, which could help the room’s inhabitants sleep despite the brilliance of the Singapore sun during the day. If you are ill or living with young children or elderly folk, this ability to control the light in the room independently of how bright is outside can be invaluable.
If you’re confused as to which one of Harmony Furnishing’s generous array of blinds best complements your decor, ask your interior designer if the stylishly Spartan aesthetic of roller blinds suits your room or workplace.