Venetian Blinds

Adorn European – Inspired Architectural Structures & Interior Décor

Plenty of things have changed over the last three centuries; countries have risen and fallen, revolutionaries have come and gone, and coffee has become a beverage more than easily dispensed from a machine. Yet as you sip your machine-made espresso while lounging in the harsh light of the Singapore sun, you might be tempted to install some window furnishings that have been around since as early as the 18th century: the ever-classic yet unfailingly contemporary Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds have remained one of the most popular form of blinds to adorn European-inspired architectural structures and interior décor to this very day. Their timeless nature all but ensures that a certain cultured ambience is cultivated in your home and office when you install a chic yet entirely practical set of vintage-style Venetian blinds of exceedingly modern design. One of the many reasons Venetian blinds have maintained their attractiveness for homeowners and professionals despite changing architectural and fashion sensibilities throughout the centuries is due to their timeless appeal. Venetian blinds have embellished the windows of ancient Persian buildings, the hall in Philadelphia where the Americans signed the Declaration of Independence as well as the flat a few stories down from yours. The enduring stylishness of these historically trendy blinds have led to countless designers working to revamp and improve upon these blinds, transforming what were once carved wooden slats bound by fiber or cloth into modern marvels of product design.

Harmony Furnishings offers its clients a wide variety of blinds, one of which is the contemporary and simplistic roller blind. Roller blinds comprise of a piece of drapery rolled around a cylindrical bar fitted onto the top of your window frame. To operate the roller blind, you only have to pull a cord to roll down the fabric from the top of your window frame. Due to its minimalistic, understated appearance roller bands have become popular in professional settings and no-frills living spaces. 

Advantages Of Venetian Blinds Singapore

Today, we are proud and honored to provide our customers with some of the latest iterations in intelligently designed and manufactured Venetian blinds. The Venetian blinds sold by us here at Harmony Furnishings have been honed by centuries of improvement without losing the constant, definitive elements which gives these blinds such a stately splendiferousness. As Singapore’s premium sellers of window furnishings, we are more than happy to offer you the chance to install some Venetian blinds in your home or workplace. Harmony Furnishings gives its clients the opportunity to select from an enormous diversity of blinds, including the tasteful, elegant Venetian blind.

Functionally speaking, Venetian blinds are made out of numerous horizontal slats arranged atop each other. These slats are suspended by a cord which could be used to rotate these slats to face upward or downwards. The slats can be rotated such that they overlay with one side facing inward, then reversed so that the alternate side could faces inward. In between these extremes, you can adjust it so that different degrees of light could pass through the blinds. To operate these blinds, all customers have to do is pull the cord to rotate the slats so you could control the amount light passing through the blinds.

Venetian Blinds Singapore – Convenient And Easy To Maintain

Harmony Furnishing’s Venetian blinds are convenient and easy to maintain. We know that in a society with schedules as hectic as Singapore’s, it is extremely difficult for working professionals and homemakers alike to take the time to tidy up your furnishings. To address this pertinent issue, Harmony Furnishing’s Venetian blinds are designed to allow effectual and relaxed cleaning. This makes them a fantastic choice to adorn the windows of your home, office or event venues with. Get a Quote today!

Venetian blinds are highly recommended for those of us to precisely control how much light they would like to let into the room. Filter between adequately shutting out the glaring Singapore sun and viewing the splendour of your surroundings unobstructed with a set of highly adaptable Venetian blinds.

If you’re confused as to which one of Harmony Furnishing’s generous array of blinds best complements your decor, ask your interior designer which of our chic Venetian blinds suits your room or workplace.