Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds Singapore

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here.
In a world where technology enables us to control just about every facet of our lives through the advent of modern electronic technology, why not extend that ease of access to your window furnishings. Enjoy the ease and efficiency that comes with never having to move when, too? In the innumerable centuries since the idea of blinds were invented, humanity has taken gargantuan steps into the development of technology that would improve the quality of human life and increase the efficiency with which we conduct mundane tasks. Centuries ago, if you wanted to light up a room you would have to spark a fire to bring some degree of light to your surroundings. Today, you can achieve that same effect by flicking a switch to turn on a lamp which instantly illuminates a pitch black room. Yet so many of us persist in operating blinds just about the same way we did so many years ago – by tugging on a cord.

Magnificent Motorised Blinds–To Suit Your Interior
Décor As Well As Your Personality 

While it remains perfectly delightful to employ using old school methods to operate traditional forms of blinds, Harmony Furnishings offers its guests a huge range of window furnishings which promises to suit your interior décor as well as your personality. In that spirit, we are proud to say that we cater to the fancies of folks who want a conventional and stylishly classic type of blind as well as customers who would prefer would a set of blinds augmented by the technology of today. For the latter demographic of client, we never fail to offer them a look at our magnificent motorised blinds.

Singapore has always been focused on progress and efficiency. As one of the nation’s premium curtains and blinds companies, how could we fail to present our customers with a product which is perfectly emblematic of those fundamental principles? Motorised blinds operate on the same fundamental principle as conventional blinds, with the single distinction of enabling its users to enjoy the full benefits of having blinds while never having to leave their seats. 

Enjoy The Ease And Efficiency of A Set Of Motorised Blinds 

Let’s say that you’re voraciously consuming a good book or furiously working at a project when the Singapore sun reaches a position where its intense brightness begins to sear your eyes. With the advent of motorised blinds, you never have to interrupt the momentum and mood of your novel or be distracted from your important project by having to go through the hassle of getting up, ambling across the room and manually adjusting your blinds so that they might block out the daylight. Instead, enjoy the ease and efficiency which comes with installing a set of motorised blinds. With a click of a button, these brilliant inventions enable its users to adjust the blinds according to how bright or how private they would like the room to become.

Motorised blinds are a great idea in both professional and private contexts. Get a Quote today! 

Motorised Blinds Suits Your Room Or Workplace 

When employed in offices and workplaces, these technologically advanced blinds serve to contribute to creating a modern atmosphere befitting a high-end, contemporary business. Having motorised blinds with respond to the whims of a controller who does not have to move from his seat might just impress potential clients and customers who visit your professional setting.

At home, these motorised blinds allow one to lounge in bed all morning without getting up to close the curtains and pull down the blinds. On those lazy weekends when you want to sleep in, motorised blinds affords you the option of shutting those blinds remotely without removing your head from your pillow.

If you’re confused as to which one of Harmony Furnishing’s generous array of blinds best complements your decor, ask your interior designer which of our stylish and advanced motorised blinds suits your room or workplace.