Best Curtains for Living Room

It’s a terribly hot Saturday afternoon (as it usually is here in sunny Singapore), so you decide to stay home and invite some friends over for a movie marathon. You prepare snacks and refreshments as your friends arrive. As soon as everyone has gathered, you turn out the lights and put on a movie. As the iconic theme plays during the opening credits, something starts to steal your attention away from the screen… Before long, your friends are also unable to concentrate on what is on the screen. It’s the glare of the sun, blanking out your TV screens! The harsh Singapore sun has affected many a television, computer or phone screen when it’s shining directly on you and your electronic devises. Yet fret not, my movie aficionados! We have a solution for you – the same solution for anyone who’s trying to read a book or sleep in on a sunny weekend.

There is but an extremely simple solution for this annoying problem – Curtains! Yes, the perfect counter to those glaring rays from the sun. Not only do curtains protect your TV screen from unwanted radiation, they also serve to protect your privacy from the eyes of strangers. Furthermore, with the right window covering, you can make your humble abode look that much more aesthetically pleasing.

Ah, how far we’ve come from the curtains of old, made from animal skin and hung on hooks in the homes of long-forgotten civilizations. Curtains have a long and rich history that stretches back millennia. The exquisite sheets adorning your walls have gone through immeasurably variegated evolutions since the time of the ancient Egyptians, taking on different variants and forms to suit different purposes. For example, opaque curtains are useful in shielding your homes from the outside, both from curious passers-by and from the harsh light of the sun Yet on the other hand, sheer curtains serve a more aesthetic purpose, solely meant to compliment the décor of the room they embellish. The various types of materials commonly used to make curtains also speaks for its versatility, with each specific fabric creating an ambience which could be described as a luxurious feel, a casual vibe, or even a truly dramatic window experience.

Certain curtains also have features which give them added functionality. Certain curtains are especially good at providing and extra layer of insulation for your windows. This helps keep the heat in your homes during the cold periods, or more likely in Singapore, the heat out on those scorching hot days. If you’re a light sleeper, good news! You’ll find that there are synthetic curtains which serve to reduce noises from the outside, to defend your precious rest time from those noisy kids next door. Goodbye disruptive noises, hello sweet sleep!

Now that we’ve established the importance of curtains, you may be wondering to yourself where you may find a set of curtains to adorn your household with. Well, look no further than Harmony Furnishings, one of Singapore’s premium retailers of window furnishings! Harmony Furnishings has in store an enormous array of curtains for you to choose from. Be it a sheer curtain for decorative purposes or a completely opaque one to hide your homely interior from the prying eyes of neighbors, Harmony Furnishing has it all. Here, the curtains are designed and customized to suit your every need. The magic of curtains is that they allow for many design possibilities, while allowing you to add a rather sophisticated feel to your home. Matching the curtains with your décor may not be an easy task, but Harmony Furnishings will shed light on all your decorating troubles regarding your window coverings.

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