An essential aspect of the Singapore experience is living in thoroughly tropical weather which alternates between insufferably sunny and sunny or unbearably wet and windy. There is perhaps no other part of the world which needs the installation of blinds as much as Singapore, whose position near the Equator subjects its inhabitants to a constant, simmering summer of interminable sunlight all day long, all year long while also spraying Singaporeans with torrential rain at irregular intervals.

The central conceit of furnishing your home with a brilliant set of blinds has with stood the test of time, remaining fashionable from ancient times to modern day due to the undeniable air of elegance added to your residence or workplace by the installation of these excellent furnishings. Blinds come in many forms and patterns, depending on their function and are easily customizable to fit the needs of each and every esteemed customer. Whether you’re looking for a stalwart defender of your homes or workplaces, or a companion for the groovy wallpaper you carry, Harmony Furnishing is definitely the place to go for all your window dressing needs. We offer a sterling selection of Venetian blinds, roller blinds, outdoor blinds, zip blinds and motorized blinds for all your household or professional needs. At Harmony Furnishings, we are strong believers in customer satisfaction. We promise to work alongside you to select the best possible blinds to suit your personal requirements.

While most of us enjoy basking in the glow of the stupendous Singapore sun most of the time, we can all agree that sometimes you need a respite from that bright hot ball of fire in the sky. We could henceforth conclude that blinds are not only stylish and important to the overall atmosphere of your home or workplace’s décor, they’re also essential for an undeniably practical reason – to keep the sweltering sunlight from baking your room and its inhabitants.

These blinds can come in all shapes and sizes, according to the preference, design sensibilities and needs of each individual customer. If your bedroom needs an unpretentious, minimalist roller blind, we’ve got you covered. Do you want to furnish your living room windows with a set of sublime Venetian blinds? We have a vast selection of those classic blinds in stock for your perusal. Looking to install a package consisting of best state-of-the-art, advanced motorized blinds for your office? Look no further than our blinds catalogue, which boasts a veritable cornucopia of motorized blinds of impeccable quality and style. Harmony Furnishings affords its customers a huge array of different blinds designed to cater to the needs of distinct clients and their unique interiors.

In addition to furnishing the windows of your interior, we provide protection and decoration for your uncovered areas, too! When it comes to protecting your balconies, patios, porticos and other outer areas, you need a sturdier, more resilient form of blind to keep out those pesky elements. While Venetian blinds, roller blinds and motorized blinds work splendidly when it comes to keeping out the blinding glare of our island nation’s blazing sun out of eyes, these conventional types of blinds are hopelessly insufficient in combating the gushing rain and relentless gales.

If you want to keep your balcony furniture and floor dry, you would need a new kind of blind; blinds which possess durability and waterproof properties that could keep out the onslaught of the elements. To this end, Harmony Furnishings presents to you the rugged outdoor blind and the dependable zip blind.

Prepare to be dazzled by a multitude of great opportunities and options presented before you by a proud supplier of Singapore’s premium curtains and blinds, and give us a visit today! You’ll be spoiled for choice here at Harmony Furnishings, where home and office improvement through window furnishings are our top priorities. Get a Quote today!